Third Season

The three of us have been working very hard to get the third season up and running. It’s been a little bumpy, being preempted by the Ryder Cup and General Conference, but we’re staying on track. We’re beginning to assemble our fourth episode of the season, Handcarts Part 4, which is really starting to get into the plight of the Willie and Martin Companies. There’s so much to tell about the whole handcart episode even though it only encompassed a tiny portion of the pioneer migration. It seems to be the story that captures the heart of the members of the Church the most.

Last week we were invited to appear on the KSL Radio broadcast of “People of Faith,” with Carole Mikita, to talk about our new books, History of the Saints, and The Remarkable Journey of the Mormon Battalion. She was very kind and gracious to us and she seemed to really like the books. The show aired September 30 but it is still available on the KSL Newsradio website as a podcast.

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